Susan Heaton-Wright

When things go wrong!

I’m not perfect; I’m sure anyone who reads who reads this blog knows I regularly confess errors I have made, because I know things go wrong. When we are delivering a speech, presentation, or any other work, it is easy to think that if anything goes wrong, it will be...
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Q&A Technology: How to survive as a speaker

Leading a Q and A session at the end of a speech or presentation is something many speakers (and their clients) worry about. Everything from managing the questions, the questions being heard to the speaker not being able to answer the question are all added concerns. Along my travels when...
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Facing your Fears with Gosia Gorna

I first came across the wonderful Gosia Gorna and her remarkable ability to support people to face their fears, at a one day workshop in Birmingham. My life hasn’t been the same since – in the best possible way of course! Gosia is a transformational coach who supports clients to...
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Five Top Tips to prepare for meetings

Meetings have a really bad press: whether participants feel they are “A waste of time”; “Nothing ever gets agreed” or even “I can never get my point across”, they can be frustrating for many people. However if run properly, and if individuals are properly prepared beforehand, they are invaluable for...
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Memory Jars

Throughout 2016 I had a memory jar sitting on my mantlepiece. As the year went by, the jar filled up with notes, and on 31st December, my family and I opened the jar and shared the contents to great laughter. We had made a note of all the wonderful things...
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