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Work and life in your executive position

Does the work-life balance seem like a myth to you? Are you the Executive director of an international company or are you one of the growing crowd of mumpreneurs? A recent rumour has been suggesting that women can’t have it all, but we think this is wrong. Especially when you...
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A career change at 30-something

Are you always day dreaming about a perfect career with your fingers crossed that it will happen some day? London is packed with almost endless opportunities, so you can decide….are you a dreamer or a someone who will ultimately turn that dream into a reality? Give your career a quick...
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Inspirational Woman: Carmen Carey | CEO of Apica

Carey is an experienced technology executive and the CEO of Apica. Her career to date encompasses leadership roles as an executive in fast growing global technology companies. She was most recently CEO of Big Data Partnership  and previously COO of MetaPack, CEO of ControlCircle and COO of MessageLabs. Did you...
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How loud is your body language?

Do you think a lot about what to say? Do you carefully choose your words to craft a great question or comment? Do you think about the message you want to put across to someone else? We would guess that the answer is yes to most if not all of...
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