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Networking – the differences between men and women By Andy Lopata

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In December 2013 a new study found fundamental differences in the ways that neurological pathways are connected in men’s and women’s brains.

The scientists behind the study believe that this explains why men and women demonstrate different aptitudes and abilities.  The study suggests that men are better at motor skills, such as reading maps for example, while women are more instinctive and empathetic.

Does this study shine more light on the differences between men and women in the workplace? When I speak to women’s networks in the City, the idea that women tend to be more relationship-driven and men more transactional certainly seems to resonate with audiences. How differently do the two genders behave and does this affect success in our respective careers?

In the most recent episode of ‘The Global Networking Show‘, Dr. Ivan Misner and I welcomed Hazel Walker and Helen Nicholson to discuss this topic. Specifically we wanted to explore the differences in the ways men and women network. Hazel and Ivan co-authored the book ‘Business Networking and Sex (Not what you think!)’ and shared the findings from the research behind their book. Meanwhile, Helen has worked with a lot of female leaders in South Africa, helping them to increase their success from networking.

I hope that you’ll agree that the mix made for a very interesting discussion:


Andy Lopata, international speaker and author of three books on business networking. www.lopata.co.uk.

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