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Research findings into the marketplace – Capability Jane and BP

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Sara Hill – Founder and CEO of Capability Jane; James Evans – Director, Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, IT&S, BP

Research findings into the marketplace for women in technology

This joint presentation will look at what a compelling employment value proposition looks like for highly qualified women in technology, the key career drivers for senior women in technology and how they differ from men and how employer brand perception differs between men and women.

As part of Computer Weekly’s 2014 list of the most influential women in UK IT, a number of speakers discussed how both male and female IT professionals are in a prime position to encourage more people of all ages and both sexes into the sector.

In this video from Computer Weekly’s Women in IT event, Sara Hill from Capability Jane and James Evans from BP discuss how to make the work environment a more appealing place for women to work, and recruiting skills for a more diverse base into enterprises.

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