September 4, 2011

Top tips for… Building your Mentoring Mesh

The world of business is very challenging these days. Companies are being put under extreme pressure to satisfy shareholders, employees are been squeezed to the maximum in terms of performance. It is easy to just put your head down and “just get on with it”. Throw experience into the mix,...
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Top Networking Tips for those affected by Redundancy

Have you been made redundant or find yourself on gardening leave and need to kick start your networking? Have you worked extremely hard and performed well in your job over many years at the expense of your personal networking? My quick guidelines below will get you started but there are...
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Your time is valuable. And time is hard to find. Especially time for yourself. WOLF Means Business is about you. It’s a fast-growing movement uniting unheard voices led by women to transform businesses, communities and individuals (both personally & professionally) using our voices. “I just wanted to thank you again...
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Love yourself on Valentines Day

That is not as strange as it may seem. As anyone who knows true love will tell you, the more love that you give, the more you receive. This starts an amazing circle of ever increasing love, which makes your eyes shine; your energy level rises and improves every aspect...
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ClearStep – The Invisable Brace

Railway tracks, wires with gum plates are a thing of the past. With the introduction of products such as Invisiline and ClearStep you can straighten your teeth and close unsightly gaps without looking like a 15 year old. Yes it is true that you can hardly see that you are...
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