August 19, 2013

My three favourite hotels in Dubai

It was on my first trip to Dubai that I discovered I had five-star tendencies. The three-star hotel that I stayed in did not give me the experience of Dubai that I had heard about and seen online. The surrounding area of this hotel was extremely far from all the...
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The wedding dress hunt

It’s fair to say most women dream of this moment, where they finally get to start hunting for their perfect dress. It’s hard to know how long it will take or how many shops you’ll need to look in before you find that life changing dress that has your heart...
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Inspirational Woman: Lara Morgan | Serial Entrepreneur

British serial ‘no nonsense’ entrepreneur Lara Morgan says what she thinks and says it loud. Founder of Pacific Direct in her twenties – a company selling toiletries to the hospitality industry – she sold it recently for £20 million. Cold headed, Lara Morgan preaches – in her down-to earth style...
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