September 30, 2013

Are women ready for media challenge?

Increasing the gender balance in the boardroom is now a well established best practice in most serious companies. There has been widespread lobbying from government and from representative groups which has focused not just on fairness but also on the wealth of untapped experience not being brought to the board...
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How to Walk in High Heels

It’s interesting when watching people walk in high heels how many, or rather how few people learn to master this art. Some of the reasons we wear high heels are to help us to look taller, more elegant and confident. Yet if we walk badly in high heels we defeat...
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Has your career turned into a bit of a mystery?

You work hard, you’re ambitious but you’re feeling stuck and overlooked. Time to turn detective, says career coach Lucinda Harlow… I went on a murder mystery on the Orient Express this week.  It was the business. Was I the big kid with a candlestick and rope in my bag ready...
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