October 23, 2013


This is a popular trend that we’ve seen on the arms of Italian, French and American editors loitering outside fashion shows for a few seasons now. The bracelet has definitely established itself as a go-to accessory for the style conscious men. From wooden beads to leather cuffs to metal ID...
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Do you just burst in unannounced?

There’s another much more effective way! “Hello, Hi, Hiya, Howzit, Howdee”– just a few of the many ways to greet people but they all come down to the same thing – a quick greeting, an easy opener. According to my trusty dictionary, a greeting is “a polite word or sign...
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Eating for Energy by Celynn Erasmus RD (SA)

This time of year leaves many of us feeling as if we may just crawl over the finish line, just. There’s nothing worse than feeling drained. Some of us may make things worse by reaching for a strong coffee, unbalanced energy bar or a drink, but this is only a...
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