November 21, 2013

Safety when travelling alone

There are some wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and exciting places to visit in the world. I could go on forever using adjectives to describe the sights we see. I once received an e-mail with some pictures on, which said, “If this is earth I wonder what heaven is like.” I stared...
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Interests on your CV? – Chilli Pepper Career Blog

My personal opinion is that I wouldn’t encourage individuals to include any personal interests or hobbies within the content of their CV unless they can create the WOW factor. My main reason for this, should the interviewer share the same interest they may not be overly impressed if a) You’re...
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Ways to wear Sheer

Sheer is seen abundantly in the form of translucent fabrics and peekaboo panels throughout autumn/winter collections. The Personal Stylists at KM Image Consulting can give you insight into how to best adorn the trend in fresh and exciting ways. We also have a portion dedicated to wearing sheer elegantly in...
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What Does it mean to Date Successful Men

Don’t get me wrong but we all want to be with people and do life with people who are resourceful and generous. Resourceful and generous with money, time, brilliance and ambition! But what does dating successful men really mean? After the love dust settles, you would want to know what...
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When It’s OK to be Selfish

As single chicks,  we believe that we have to be open, right? Open to social invitations;  open to connecting  with that stranger who keeps eyeing you as you take some time chilling in that stress free zone at your health club;  open to the guy who is walking up and...
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