February 3, 2014

Don’t be my Valentine… | Plate Spinner

Do you know what? I bloody hate February. It is the smuggest month of the entire calendar, and that is saying something, what with December thinking it’s the dog’s proverbials with the whole tinselly Christmas thing it’s got going on, and August, with its ‘ooh, look at me, I am...
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The unexpecting smart singleton

Ever since I turned 36 and got my chakras opened, the levels of my opinion on certain things have gone up to different heights, to the disappointed of some, I should say (yay for me, 🙂 an nay for them :(. And so on this exciting day bestowed upon us...
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Why we’re still single

Ok, so if I had a simple answer to that question I’d be writing this from a beach house in Bali rather than a converted warehouse in northeast London. I’d be raking in millions from seminars, TV appearances and book sales rather than trying to avoid falling into my overdraft....
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