April 9, 2014

How can you truly be in control?

I hear so many people in their 30s talk about wanting to be in control of the different aspects of their life: career, relationships, friendships, knowledge, happiness and so on. Yet, they complain about being tired, lack of time, lack of real friendships, lack of support just to name a...
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7 Tips to Get Started on Twitter

You’ve thought about using Twitter, but not known where to start? Stop procrastinating. We are here to help in 7 easy steps! 1. Choose the right username Your username, or “handle”, is outward facing and will be what the public uses to identify your business. Ideally, your business name will be...
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Coach: Caroline Dove | Life, Executive, Corporate and NLP Coach

I have enjoyed a successful career within demanding organisations in the City as an executive coach, leadership development and talent management expert and champion for dynamic organisational change. I am now a Life, Executive, Corporate and NLP Coach. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information. Success Inspired Partners has...
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