April 16, 2014

Celebrating World Voice Day

Yesterday was World Voice Day! A day to celebrate our phenomenal voices. Now I don’t mean “One, Two, Three” La, la, la, but our speaking voices too! We use our voices every day: communicating with other people: from asking (telling) people to move up in a crowded tube train, saying...
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5 Key P-words to Position Your Message So It’s Heard

Attract more income and opportunity, naturally As women, we often feel we need to over-explain.  We give too much detail and explanation and lose the attention and the credibility of the person we’re trying to get our point across to. So, instead of explaining and getting tangled up with detail,...
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Velvet Restaurant

Established in 1996 and located only a couple of minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly, at the heart of Canal Street, Velvet restaurant offers a relaxed & informal dining experience in newly refurbished, exquisite surroundings. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner, the modern British menu offers a...
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47 King Street West Restaurant & Bar

Fine Dining in Manchester The essence of 47 King Street West is quality food and providing first class service. Sandwiched between Manchester’s famous San Carlo and Cicchetti restaurants, 47 King Street West have completed a triangle of top eateries, whilst retaining their own distinctive style and offering. Sited in the...
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Bem Brasil Bar & Restaurant, Deansgate

Located in the heart of Manchester, our Deansgate restaurant on King Street West, is proud to bring the true taste of Brazilian food and culture to this vibrant city. Here you can enjoy an endless supply of the finest quality succulent and barbecued meats, freshly prepared on the charcoal barbecue...
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