May 20, 2014

Can you get to the point?

Keep attention, say your piece. Be clear. We’ve all been there haven’t we?  Sat in meetings, in presentations, at lunches when someone has been rambling on or pontificating about something and we’ve asked ourselves ‘what’s your point?’ or ‘I wonder what the point is here?’  Well if you ever wonder...
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Welcome to my Two-Minute Trudging Workshop

How do you achieve what HAS to be achieved when the chips are down? Uevolve career coach Lucinda Harlow has the answer – but you’re not going to like it Eagle-eyed WeAreTheCity gals will have noticed I’ve not been blogging away for a few weeks. That’s because I’ve been doing...
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What the GB Team don’t do to prepare

At a time where psychological preparation is a must for sports and performance specialists, I was intrigued to find that the  GB Men’s Rowing team didn’t rely on sports psychologists to prepare for the Olympics in 2012. Jurgen Grobler the chief coach for the men’s team believes the planned preparation he...
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