May 23, 2014

Lead, before you are a leader – Part II

Developing your leadership skills In Part I, we looked at a recent study that showed that women demonstrate more leadership ability as they mature and what you can do now to ‘lead, before you are a leader’. Let’s look now at how you can continue to develop your leadership skills...
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Where to Stay Guide – Open The Door to London

With summer nearly upon us, it’s high time to start thinking about what to do next time you’re in England’s capital. Luckily, HouseTrip has done some of the hard work and has created a Where to Stay Guide, so that you can perfectly plan for family fun, solo ventures or...
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Making the law work for you in your office

It’s easy to believe that the feminism popularised in the late 60s won the day, creating a new stream of women’s rights and equality for all. But in reality, there are still a number of problems facing women that only the legal system is remedying. Even the workplace, where legislation...
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