June 3, 2014

Add a Touch of Vintage Style to Your Apartment

Shows like Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt have long been popular with those looking for quirky pieces for their home, but in recent years the trend for vintage-inspired furniture has taken over. More recent shows like The Great British Bake Off, The Great British Sewing Bee and Kirstie Allsopp’s string...
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How to keep your employees’ computers safe

Never before has it been more important to ensure the protection of your employees’ computers. With a rise in businesses embracing the ‘bring-your-own-device’ (BYOD) trend and remote working practices, there is an increased necessity to ensure computers are protected from harm. According to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), there are...
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Thirsty Thursday

We create relaxed, sociable events in beautiful venues where you can enjoy delicious refreshments, great company, glamorous treats and some networking with like minded women. Thirsty Thursday Manchester By keeping its finger on the pulse of this vibrant city Thirsty Thursday has hosted some truly fabulous and memorable events in...
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Prince’s Trust – Women’s Leadership Group

The Prince’s Trust Women’s Leadership Group is a network of female philanthropists who want to make a major and lasting impact on the lives of disadvantaged young women in the UK. Since 2006, our supporters have contributed £4 million to The Prince’s Trust, helping over 2 million young people across...
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Whose Glasses Are You Wearing?

(And Do They Suit You?) “Oh, it’s so obvious, what you want to do is, blah blah.”  “Well, what you should do is xyz.”  We’ve all done it, said it and been told it, haven’t we?  ”What you need to do is” or “What you should do is” etc.  Well,...
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