August 4, 2014

Foundation? – On The Run blog

I love buying makeup products. However, sometime ago I realised whilst inspecting my makeup bag that I was really spending money in vain as I did not use most of the products. The truth is that I am not that good in applying makeup, so mostly I just stick to...
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Never forget

Today would be my grandfather’s 121st birthday. It was his 21st birthday on 4th August 1914. A burden he carried for the rest of his life, since it was reported in the local press as an heroic co-incidence. My grandfather – whom I don’t remember, was enlisted in the Territorial...
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Surprise: Gender discrimination isn’t even mentioned

The last 10 days have been particularly enlightening for anyone interested in discrimination, and in particular “sexist” criticism. The first was from our own, very dear, Speaker of the House, John Bercow, who complained that he was subjected to jokes and criticism because of his height. His exact words were:...
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