September 15, 2014

Will we still trust Scottish Voices and accents?

The Scottish Accent has long been favoured by marketeers as a ‘trustworthy’ and ‘friendly’ accent, to be used for voiceovers and advertising. With Scotland featuring so prominently in the news and on the media, will the Scottish accent lose it’s credibility as being trustworthy or will it become the accent...
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Style & Fashion Tip: Go green!

It’s a new season, a new style beginning! We hope you’ve had a good summer. Now that we are back to the reality of work and school. We have a few style tips to help get you ready for the new Autumn/Winter season: Green is the must have colour this...
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7 Steps to Greater Professional Happiness

It’s a sad truth that many people aren’t happy in their job or career, so they endure rather than enjoy what they do for a living. This was starkly revealed in a Gallup poll at the end of last year, which found that there are twice as many employees who...
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