September 16, 2014

Managing Questions

Managing Questions during public speaking and presentations is something many people get anxious about. Whether it is concern that you won’t be able to answer a question or that someone is trying to make a fool of you, it is something you want to feel confident about doing. It is...
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Forty three and a half … but who’s counting?

The other day, I was wandering back from my local park where I’d been for a stroll and a sit in the September sun. As I walked past the crowded bus stop, I found myself counting, tapping my fingers against my leg. April, May, June, July, August, September … that’s...
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Let’s Talk About Cash

Isn’t it lovely that long gone are the days where men earned the bread and the women stayed home and toasted it! Ladies its great news that we have so many opportunities to make money independently rather than waiting for an inheritance.   Believe me, it is not unrealistic to realise...
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Be part of The MDG 3 Leadership Challenge

An ethical leadership development programme designed for women for the benefit of women We are putting a call out to develop leaders who want to make a difference MDG3: ‘to promote gender equality and empower women’, one of the eight Millennium Development Goals and the name of our unique Leadership...
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