October 7, 2014

Customer Service Week

This week is Customer Service Week. What do we consider good customer care to be? Should it be that as a customer we regularly receive wonderful presents? Feel we are wanted? That we can ask for advice or service? That we are listened to? That we are not ignored? I...
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Getting your MOJO when you speak

It is so much easier to discover your MOJO if you are relaxed and comfortable; if you are wearing something uncomfortable; feel self conscious because you are wearing something revealing, or the WRONG clothes, it will be reflected in your body language, voice and performance. In the latest Superstar Communicator...
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How to stop procrastinating and achieve your goals

I recently watched amazingly inspirational Ted Talk by Janine Shepherd who in 1986 was hit by a truck during her training for Winter Olympics. She was told that she would never walk again. Today not only can she walk, but she also is a successful pilot! I cried and laughed as I...
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5 Must know Mental Health Myths | Dr. Sahar Bhaloo

Friday October 10th is World Mental Health day – a day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilising efforts in support of mental health. This is the perfect opportunity to dispel the myths that shroud mental health issues around the world. Not one country...
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A guide to social media as a customer service tool

Since the introduction of Facebook back in 2004, the social media trend has swept the globe. Today, sites such as Facebook and Twitter have transformed the face of contemporary communication. While there is a heavy focus on connecting with friends, family and acquaintances, social media has also emerged as a...
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