October 15, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge

This is the last day of a 30 Day Blogging Challenge I have participated in. With one small gap, I’ve blogged daily on this site and also Viva Live Music‘s website. On a variety of topics, from the joys of swimming outside in lidos, Wayne Rooney’s potential as a public...
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Plan? What plan?! Life In Numbers Blog

Welcome to my new blog “Life in Numbers”. As this is my first one, I thought I’d start by not talking numbers, and talk instead about why financial planning is important, and why you might want to make it an ongoing part of your life. Let me ask you a...
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The forgotten profession…..

WATC member Jennifer Corcoran The results of the National PA Survey 2014 were recently announced at office* Unsurprisingly 78% of Executive Assistants feel that being a PA is undervalued as a professional career. Personal Assistants it seems are a little like housewives no-one fully appreciates the sheer scale of their remit until they are absent from...
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