October 21, 2014

London’s Housing Boom In 2014

I have been in the property business for many years. From being a small investor, running a chain of estate agents to being a portfolio landlord, and developing new build projects. I’ll often speak with people who ask for my advice on what to buy, when to buy it or...
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How You Can Lose Weight Without Going Hungry

Imagine this scenario – it’s Sunday evening, the diet starts tomorrow. You’ve just prepared a salad ready to take into work – a few tomatoes, a bit of lettuce, a few slices of chicken. Monday morning you wake up focused and motivated to succeed – breakfast is a slice of...
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See? I told you first!

Miriam Gonzalez, wife of Nick Clegg offers advice about how to gain more self confidence. She says, ” my answer is if you don’t have it, fake it.” And adds “Women have been faking lots of things during history, no? So if you’re going to fake something, fake self confidence”...
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