November 5, 2014

Interview Questions and Answers – Part 5

In recent weeks I have introduced you to the 4 types of questions you could expect to be asked during an interview, they are: Icebreakers Requests for information Attitude Questions Trick Questions When attending an interview it’s important to remember that you can ask questions too, after all an interview...
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2014’s Most Powerful and Influential Female Entrepreneurs

Millions of businesses are female owned and operated across the world and their financial impact on the international economy tops just over €2.5 trillion. Many of the world’s most powerful female entrepreneurs came from humble beginnings; they were a one woman operation, working diligently out of their home office and...
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Asking questions: it takes courage

On this blog I often encourage people to #ask: for help, for an increase in salary, for a great opportunity. But it is also invaluable to ask questions.  Answer my quick survey here. However, this can take real courage as asking a question means you have to listen to the...
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