November 21, 2014

Appearances in business: The rise of cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic surgery market is predicted to be worth around £3.5bn by 2015, making the £750m valuation from ten years ago look meager in comparison. One of the big reasons the market has increased is the idea surfacing that cosmetic surgery is a wise career investment. According to the American...
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UK struggles to identify female technology leaders

Almost three quarters of the British public struggle to identify females in leadership roles in technology, according to a survey by McAfee, part of Intel Security. Surveying 4,000 people throughout the UK, respondents were able to identify high-profile men within the technology industry; however they struggled to identify the women....
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Photo of the day: Iraqi childrens street art

Iraqi Children displaced by conflict are finding expression in street art, as part of a project funded by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (Echo), and the UN children’s charity Unicef. Alaa, 11, from Derik City, Syria, stands in front of a mural which she has helped to...
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