December 19, 2014

50 really is the new 40

These days we are surrounded with great examples of 50 and over women, the likes of Madonna, Elle Macpherson but these ladies though fab have an army of help on every level so they can look that good and great management to run their businesses. Most of us juggle family,...
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No Ordinary Wedding Planner

Fighting against the odds to help others make their dreams come true This is the inspiring story of Naomi Thomas, a secondary breast cancer sufferer who has decided to devote the remainder of her life to spreading joy, helping others to find happiness by fulfilling the wedding dreams of those...
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Knitivity: Day 19

Today there is friction amongst the Knitivity…. Mary wants to know why it is always she who is left holding the baby? “Because he is sewn to your body” Joseph is itching to point out.  But stating the obvious may not go in his favour.