February 17, 2015

Events badging will go social in 2015

Confex is a great yearly event where people from the conference and meetings industry catch up with new technologies and events solutions in the industry. Badging has been a big part of the events industry for years, going from paper printed badges, to barcodes and in recent years RFID (or...
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Is being patient always the right answer?

Business life in many ways is a game of patience … waiting for the contract, waiting for the client, waiting for the CEO, waiting … get the picture? I was wondering if maybe patience isn’t always the answer. Being more pro-active might bring dividends because don’t you need to be...
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Top reasons to become a Lawyer

It’s a career type that tends to get a lot of flak, and is often portrayed in a negative light on the big screen. Being a lawyer, though, doesn’t have to be about bad suits, bad choices, or bad manners. A legal career can be a wonderful calling and offer...
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