March 6, 2015

Campaign launched by Women in Football #SheBelongs

There’s no denying that football has been considered a man’s game for a long time and sadly, sexism comes hand in hand with the sport, with many women on the receiving end of abusive chants and hurtful remarks. Premier and Football League clubs are being urged to champion their female...
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Where did all the women go?

She’s Back research project launched to highlight the value to be gained if organisations re-engage with the senior women they lost How much could corporate Britain gain by attracting back some of the talented, experienced and qualified women who leave the workforce every year because the demands of a career...
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Avoiding the TV Debate

I was really surprised to see that David Cameron has refused to do a head to head TV debate with Ed Milliband, the leader of the opposition. Why? The only debate with David Cameron, our Prime Minister, will be with 5 other political leaders, and will be more of a...
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10 Things to check when hiring a Personal Trainer

Many people ask me about working with me as a Personal Trainer. However, with my career having successfully progressed into Performance Coaching and professional speaking I no longer offer this service. I still do my best to offer people direction and guidance regarding choosing a (good) personal trainer. Below are...
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