February 9, 2017

“Women are standing up saying this isn’t acceptable”: Denise Wilson White OBE talks gender equality and women on boards | Gender Networks Breakfast Meeting

“Women are standing up saying this isn’t acceptable and I am hopeful,” says Denise Wilson White OBE, Chief Executive, Davies Review, Women on Boards. Speaking at the Q1 Gender Networks breakfast meeting, White gave an overview of the Hampton Alexander report and spoke about gender equality and encouraging more women...
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Which personality traits will get you ahead at work?

According to our recent research, 94.2% of the nation’s workers believer that there are key personality traits which make a person more likable in the workplace, with 86.6% believing that being likable can you get you further ahead in your career. There’s always a mix of personalities in the workplace,...
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Real romance only exists in the movies

I love the idea of cinema. Movies themselves bore me, but cinema – the concept of cinema – is beautiful. I appreciate this may sound convoluted and (like Corbyn in a bind) I don’t want to be misunderstood; therefore, I should say that while I am not wedded to the...
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