March 3, 2017

What happens when suddenly there is no leader?

When a leader suddenly resigns a leadership void is created. This creates a lot of uncertainty and concern, as well as a potential drain on knowledge and experience, which an organisation needs. In the leadership void, unless someone takes charge providing some much needed certainty and reassurance, dissidence and discontent...
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25/03/2017: Girls in Sport International Women’s Day Celebration

Girls In Sport in partnership with Fusion Lifestyle International Women’s Day #BEBOLDFORCHANGE Celebration – champions women in sport, inspires girls and women into sport and celebrates diversity. While challenging the mindset of women to step up and fulfill their potential with a community of support. Celebrate International Women’s Day 2017...
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MI6 launch campaign to attract more diverse candidates

MI6 has launched a video campaign with the hope of attracting applications from more women and ethnic minority candidates. The intelligence agency will showcase its new campaign in cinemas across the country and features a mixed-race woman in her twenties going about her everyday life, without knowing she is displaying...
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Top tips for women breaking into tech

It’s a well-known fact that men dominate the technology industry – only 27 per cent of those working in Britain’s digital industries are women (the UK average in other sectors is 47 per cent). When you get to the top of the ladder, women make up only 14 per cent...
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Why women should crowdfund, and why you should invest in them

Women in every industry are always struggling to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ to achieve the same success and recognition as their male counterparts. Female entrepreneurs face a major challenge when it comes to financing their businesses. Although the number of female-led and female-owned businesses are growing, the number of...
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