March 17, 2017

Inspirational Irish women you should know about

Today (17 March) marks St Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland, with celebrations taking place all over the world. To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, WeAreTheCity chronicles a number of inspirational Irish women throughout the ages. Each of these women offers an inspiring story that not only resonates in Ireland...
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How coachable are you? | Future Leaders Blog

The world isn’t standing still and neither should we. The “facts” certainly change and we need to continuously re-learn; what we knew yesterday may no longer be correct. What we accepted as truths may since have been disproved. We need to be open and accepting to that. We are sure you...
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Six tips for building your personal brand on social media

For today’s career-minded women and female entrepreneurs, social media is not only an essential tool for building worthwhile connections with potential employees or prospective clients, but a tool for building and managing your personal brand. Ever since the upsurge of social media, organisations are increasingly looking for suppliers, partners and...
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