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LynxLogo-BlogsqHi everyone – I am Aaisha. I have always been a fashion junkie so at some point it was be only natural for me to start a blog about it! Via Lynx in the City I aim to share my style and working wardrobe with you which will range from budget bargains to high end luxury pieces.

So this is the bit where I have to tell you guys something about me. Well I’m not good at talking about myself but here goes nothing. I live in London (for my sins) and have worked in a large corporate firm for the past 7 years. My current day job is a fantastic role within HR; my specialism being Diversity and Inclusion, which I am very passionate about.

Not content with just the 9 to 5, I’ve also turned what started as a hobby many years ago into a start up business at the tail end of 2013 and I am the proud creator of a luxury hair extensions brand (no shameless plug here though). I love all things hair related which means that my hairstyles change like the weather; as a fashionista my hair is as important to my overall “look” as my clothes.Aaisha Profile 1 high q

Even though this word has been done to death, my body is “curvy” and I wear a UK size 12 (*cough* 14 on a bad day) so can safely say that the clothes I wear should work on the average woman. If you like lots of colour, some glamour and a bit of fun then please do stay and have a look around.

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