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Do you aspire to be a Non-Executive Director or Trustee?

Wow, 9,660 of you have read this.
The Non Exec Hub helps talented individuals to find Non Executive Director and Trustee opportunities – including the ones that are not advertised through normal job search channels. We widen your board level contact base through focused research, connecting and signposting.

A key part of our work involves us working with Heads of Diversity and Inclusion – with your talented employees and retiring senior management. Increased retention of key staff is often achieved through expanding skills and experiences through external channels which enables them to bring new insight and understanding back into the company. If one of your aims to assist retention is enabling staff to develop board level experience, they will need support in finding a Non-Executive Director/Trustee role.

Likewise, if you seek to assist retiring senior management to find Non-Executive Director/Trustee roles, which might then have further benefits to the company, they too will need support in order to achieve this.

The Non Exec Hub is here for you and your talented employees and can help in many ways:

Executive Connections

A unique service based on a very thorough interview, we work with individuals to establish exactly what they are seeking to achieve, within any criteria specified. We will fully research organisations who meet their criteria, identify the board and, where possible, make connections. Included in the service is coaching to ensure constant movement toward the individuals aims, help them with their personal brand, how to network, LinkedIn profile and targeted CV.

Special Speakers

The Non Exec Hub has a team of experts covering all aspects of becoming a Non-Executive Director/Trustee. From developing your networking skills, personal brand, and enhancing your LinkedIn profile, to finding the right networks for you to build the right connections, identifying key training programs available and developing relevant experiences prior to becoming a non-exec. We can also link you with experienced Non-Executive Directors/Trustees, who offer pearls of wisdom to your journey to success.


There are many ways we can help your talented people and one of which is through having membership with The Non Exec Hub. We offer the most comprehensive service for aspiring and practicing Non-Executive Directors available online, and what’s more – for the most competitive price of just £47 for a Full Membership. Our Membership offers you unlimited access to our:

Resource Directory

This is the U.K.’s only resource directory containing links and information to the majority of specialist Non-Executive Director and Trustee organisations who will help you to achieve your goals. Find networks to support you, organisations offering Non-Executive & Trustee Training, and organisations promoting Non-Executive & Trustee jobs. We’ve found over 90 resources to date, all in one place to save you time.


Our role is to save you time and money on your journey to becoming a Non-Executive Director or Trustee. Our Members benefit from discounts on an impressive range of Training & Networking Events as well as Memberships to other great Networks. Some of our discounts save you more than the cost of membership itself!

The Non Exec Hub Coaches Programme – with 10% Discount

The Non Exec Hub team of coaches includes a diverse range of people, each with a vast range of skills and experiences, who can all offer amazing insights, results, impact and change.

Calendar of Events, Networking Opportunities, Training

Our calendar of fantastic Non-Executive & Trustee Events is the only centralised collection you will find online and features key dates for your diary across the UK.

Interview of the Month & Network of the Month

Our interviews give you ‘behind the scenes’ access into the world of successful Non-Executive Directors and Trustees and our Network of the Month is an invaluable way of keeping up to date, meeting like-minded professionals and improving your visibility.

Free e-book

As part of your membership we are delighted to give you our eBook, ‘How to Work a Room with Ease, Confidence and Results’. The author, our very own Heather White, is a renowned International Networking Expert and she has written the book so that the tips are quick to get to and easy to read.

For more information on the Non Exec Hub – contact Heather White, CEO, any time – on [email protected] / new phone number


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