Sonia Brown

Are You Looking for Brand Business Breakthrough?

As a business person, how do you refer to yourself when you meet people? Managing Director? Chief Executive? Chief Cook and Bottle Washer? Whatever it is, I doubt many of you call yourselves the Chief Branding Officer. Of course you don’t. Your business doesn’t even have one, although that’s where...
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6 Actions That Will Achieve A Business Breakthrough

Business. I LOVE it! There, I’ve said it and I’m proud to tell everyone I meet. Not only do I love business, I live business. It’s a fascinating, incredible, awe-inspiring way to work, but it’s not without its hardships. We’ve all been going through hard times over recent years. These...
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Let’s Talk About Cash

Isn’t it lovely that long gone are the days where men earned the bread and the women stayed home and toasted it! Ladies its great news that we have so many opportunities to make money independently rather than waiting for an inheritance.   Believe me, it is not unrealistic to realise...
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Customers Unleashed

When I ask the question who is your ideal customer can you answer clearly and concisely in under 60 seconds? If you can, great, if not – don’t worry, you are part of a multitude of small business owners who are so caught up in the passion and running of...
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