Susan Heaton-Wright

Is a positive mindset the key to success?

I regularly receive emails claiming that changing your mindset is the route to your success. Today’s email promised me: “Positive thinking is the key to business success”. I couldn’t help but search the individual’s CV. And surprise surprise, they had never run a business, been in a senior managerial role...
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Speaking up | Superstar Communicator Blog

As it is International Women’s Day, it is important to reflect on the power of women’s voices and their opinions being heard within the decision making of communities and countries. In the United Kingdom we are blessed that our voices are being heard more and more, and as a result...
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The power of names

I often contemplate what the power of names is: whether it is a personal name, a product or business. I don’t know about you, but I always envied the girls at school who had exotic or sophisticated names, and somehow they would live up to these names. And only yesterday...
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Message to the new First Lady

There will be a new First Lady in the United States of America on Friday. With respect, this is more of a ‘big deal’ in the United States than it is here in the United Kingdom, where this role is a very visible one, and she is the hostess at...
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When things go wrong!

I’m not perfect; I’m sure anyone who reads who reads this blog knows I regularly confess errors I have made, because I know things go wrong. When we are delivering a speech, presentation, or any other work, it is easy to think that if anything goes wrong, it will be...
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