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City Eye started out at the Painted Hall in the shadow of St.Paul’s, running seminars for start-ups with a women’s focus.

She became interested in Overlooked and Overshadowed women, both in contemporary times and through out history. The former would include the women passed over for the Nobel in favour of their male colleagues. The later would be the wives of famous men, such as Mrs. Mandela. Her study of women written out of history, led her to interviews with interesting and inspirational women, (and some men). Extracts will be published in the articles.

Recent research examines how often photos of women, articles about, or by women are on the front pages, or highlighted in the media. While Women’s Hour and Loose Women feature women, it tends to be in a time and a place where its is unlikely that the Masters of the Universe will be paying attention. Let’s make women more visible. We’ll also be looking at how more women are encouraged into business as leaders and as board members, not just in HR.

In no way is this men versus women, who is better. Simply that an overly macho, military, testosterone fueled environment, mainly men, needs the balancing attributes, often, though not exclusively, assigned to women: caring, conciliation, communication.

As Christina Lagarde said.

Had there been more Lehman sisters than brothers, we may not have had the financial disaster .

City Eye intends to celebrate the top city women, both ends, the City and Westminster, but also to look at the less high profile women, such as the woman at Woolwich and brave women such as Marie Colvin, murdered in Syria whilst at work.

Suggestions and information will always be welcome, and especially items buried deep in City am or the Financial Mail Women’s Forum.

City Eye aims to be opinionated, quirky, provocative and thought provoking.

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