Janet Newenham – The Business Traveller Blog

Hello and welcome!

My name is Janet Newenham and I am currently working as Community Manager with Meetingsbooker.com. I currently have two main passions in life; Travel and Technology. If money wasn’t an issue, travel would be my life. It still is, to an extent, which is why I set up this blog!

Having travelled and worked on five continents over the past 10 years, I feel I am a bit of an expert when it comes to dishing out travel advice, especially to those looking to pack their bags and move their life to the other side of the world. South Korea, Canada, Kenya, Australia – you name it, I have probably been there.

I have mainly been working in the area of PR but have also dabbled in Journalism for a while writing about, you guessed it, travel and technology!

This blog is going to follow my new travel journey, a journey into the world of business travel! I hope to write about top new travel apps, up and coming travel start-ups, a look at the best places to stay and eat when away on business and anything else that pops into my mind. I will also fill you in on all the great events and conferences I get to go to from Confex to The Business Travel Show, who knows maybe we will event meet in person some day!

You can also follow my adventures on Twitter, LinkedIn or contact me by email: [email protected].

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