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My name is Lady Val though I am breaking tradition there because only daughters of hereditary Peers can use their first name (eg Lady Diana Spencer) so by rights I should be known as Lady Corbett. But my Networkers and others call me Lady Val so I have given up though keeping a wary eye on the Tower of London.
Avon Empowering Women AwardsWhy am I a Ladeee?

Because my MP husband was awarded a Peerage when he decided to vacate his seat after 18 years of hard slog (with no time off for good behaviour.). Unfortunately a title makes no difference when trying to get a table in a fully booked restaurant and is yet to get me upgraded on a flight, but I live in hope.

So what is this blog about?

Basically my life and times .. the people I meet, the things I think, the way of the world .. Anything which takes my fancy and which (hopefully) you will find either interesting, entertaining or thought-provoking.

Who knows, I could become addictive!

(And I am trying to limit my use of exclamations marks! Oops!)

Questions I have been asked over the years:

How did you end up in your current role?

Prue Leith, a friend, was helping the Hoxton Apprentice a training restaurant for long-term unemployed. She asked me to dinner there and explained that they trained NEETS (no education, employment or training) and I asked if I could help. I could and stayed there for seven years and saw people with no self-esteem literally change in front of my eyes into socially acceptable employees willing to come off benefits and stick at their jobs. My brief was to publicise the place, so I started a professional women’s network 12 years ago and when the restaurant closed due to government funding cuts I continued the network – which is aimed at women who work, not ladies who lunch.

What will you never do?

My network motto is: “There’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman” It goes without saying that I will never disparage a woman (unless or until I know for certain she is a back-stabbing witch). I have worked with women throughout my career and can safely say have never had a bad experience except once – with the women’s editor on a national daily and I’m happy to tell you she got fat.

How do you let your hair down?

Dinner with friends telling jokes between saving the world and savaging Trump.

So the LIFE OF A LADY blog will connect with professional women, expound on lessons learned which could be useful to all of us and share snippets about people I’ve seen, places I’ve been and everything in between.

Watch this space ….


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