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Let me introduce myself. I am Abigail. Forty (oh shit) with a husband and two kids. Rich – that’s not my financial status, that’s my husband’s name – Connor and Lucas.

I have many hats: mother, wife, and business owner. Oh, and driver, nurse and entertainer. Cook, cleaner and Lego house builder.

Shall I go on? Yes, I think I bloody will.

Teacher of how to sodding well say please and thank you, singer of songs, encylopedia. Bum wiper, party planner and play date manager. Disciplinarian, Chief Funster and baggage handler. No wonder I look bloody exhausted.

This blog will be all about those hats, about keeping those plates spinning and about mixing metaphors because I am too tired to untangle them. Expect musings on the mundane (how to stay awake in a meeting when you haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for four years), the miraculous (I got out the door without so much as a splash of baby milk on my work clothes) and mucus. Well, there are kids involved.

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