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JPblog-image3-440x270I’m Jean-Pierre De Villiers, otherwise known as the ‘Reshape Coach’. I am fanatical about fitness and all the things that come with it, most importantly optimum health and happiness. I have been involved with sport since a young age and all my life I have used movement and fitness as a means to feeling good.

Movement is power and positive emotions are created by combining energy and motion. This is why I’m so passionate to get people moving, to empower them both physically and psychologically, helping them realize their full potential.

I’m a performance coach and I transform peoples body’s and minds through coaching, speaking, writing and running retreats.

I am extremely excited to be adding value to ‘We are the City’ because I absolutely love what I do and sharing my message. My aim is to educate, motivate and inspire you to be fit, healthy and happy. I truly believe that if you take care of your body everything else in your life will fall into place. This has been clearly evident in my own life. The healthier I become the happier I am. I have used this philosophy with everyone I’ve ever worked with.

We all want to be happy. It doesn’t matter what we’re looking for in life, the end goal is always happiness. Everything we want is because we think we will feel better in the having of it so why not feel good anyway. You can find happiness right now by taking care of your body and home by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Many people in their pursuit of happiness believe they simply don’t have the time to be healthy. This is not true. We always have time to feel good.

My goal on this blog is to give you the strategies and tools you need to feel great everyday. Being healthy isn’t difficult and it takes very little time. With just ten minutes a day you can move your body and feel good. You can go from a disempowered state to an empowered one with one minute of exercise, so there really is no excuse for not feeling good. Feeling good should be a priority and will subsequently increase the value of everything you do. Please remember this.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and taking value from what I have to share. Most importantly I hope that you will apply what you learn. Knowing something and not taking action is the same as not knowing at all. We get good at what we practice so take action today to become a healthier, happier and wealthier you.

We must participate in our own rescue. If you are willing to invest a few minutes in yourself each day, I promise you the end result will be amazing.

Be healthy, be happy


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