Personal Development

How to find your career groove

Do you feel you’re in your ‘Career Groove?’ Do you use all your unique skills – the things you are brilliant at? Are you happy? Do you get paid (well) for what you do? I feel I am now – although I’ve had to jump over many hurdles and made...
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Wise up at perimenopause

Huge numbers of women are taken by surprise by the perimenopause in their early forties and sometimes even earlier following surgery. They are often completely unprepared, confused, alarmed by the sudden onset of their symptoms and totally unaware that medical studies confirm their significantly increased risk of heart disease as...
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Is there ever a ‘right time’ to start a family?

For working parents, when was the right time for you to start your family? Was there a magical moment when financial stability, the perfect job, career momentum, the right partner in place, and of course, cantankerous mother-nature all got joined up in perfect karma? I suspect not. Looking around at...
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Seven steps to following your dreams

So, you have spent some time asking yourself various questions about what makes you happy, what activities make you lose track of time, what you are naturally good at, what makes you feel great about yourself, who you want to help and what causes you strongly believe in. You also...
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