40 and getting back into dating

Dating is an activity often associated with young age. After all, most of us expect to have found the love of our lives before we reach the end of our twenties, if not earlier. That will be the case for a lot of people, but not everyone. In fact, there...
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Men and movies | Men Uncovered Blog

My boss once asked me about what goes through a mans mind when the first date is going to the cinema. You turn up to the date and give the lady a choice of movies. She wants to see a romcom. The cinema is also showing an action movie that’s...
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Interracial dating

This article stemmed from a casual conversation I had with a female friend of Pakistani descent. She was talking about how difficult it is for her to find a partner outside of her race. She happens to be attractive, successful in her career and very easy going but has struggled...
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Do single men get lonely during Christmas?

Last year John Lewis released a Christmas advert, you know, the one with the Lily Allen song featuring a bear and a rabbit. I happened to really like that advert. It was cute and captured the spirit of Christmas. I mentioned this at a gathering I had at my place...
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Why don’t men understand us?

I’ll be accused of sexism by the end of this column but hear me out before you judge me. Men cannot read minds ladies, If you have something to say but don’t say it, we don’t have a clue what’s going on in your head or what you’re trying to...
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A date at Waterloo Station – Marcello M Dating Blog

London Waterloo was a station in need of refurbishment. The great, hulking terminus was a mess of dilapidated kiosks and shabby facilities. When they finally tarted the place up, they took the opportunity to stuff it full of shops and restaurants. Unsurprisingly, these were soulless chain outlets – bland units...
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How do I get over a break up?

Getting over a break up is tough. Human beings can brush many things off but when it comes to matters of the heart it’s not so simple. Many times in life we are black and white in our opinions and decisions but when it comes to our significant other there...
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My ex refuses to let go. Why?

My friend was in a relationship with a man and it lasted for 4 years. During the time that they were together, he wasn’t very appreciative of her and he took a lot of things that she did for granted. On a number of occasions he was even unfaithful to...
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