Organisations can work with WeAreTheCity to advertise their jobs roles to a female audience, offer recognition and career support to their female staff by enrolling them into Careers Club, sponsor a category in the yearly Rising Star Awards for brand awareness, hold an event to attract female talent, raise visibility in the female market and promote organisational programmes. These are just a few of the options organisations have when they partner with WeAreTheCity.

About our reach

5m hits pcm, average unique visitors 130,000
42,000 female members
30,000 followers through our social media channels
85 events / conferences hosted with clients and partners
15 women promoted in the yearly Rising Stars awards since launching in 2015
20,000 jobs advertised since launching in 2014
400 technology related articles published on WeAreTechnology
Over 60 companies advertising through WeAreTheCity since 2010

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WeAreTheCity Jobs – Female Job Board

WATC-Jobs-careers for womenWeAreTheCityJobs was launched in 2014 to promote career opportunities to our large and growing female demographic of 42k members. Our key clients are Morgan Stanley, Lloyd’s, Societe Generale, BNY Mellon, Thomson Reuters, Ladbrokes, PwC, Cap Gemini, Baringa, XChanging, Amazon, Worldpay & CGI to name just a few.  Despite being a female-orientated job board, men are also welcome to apply for our client’s roles.

WeAreTheCity is more than just a job board, we are brand ambassadors for our clients. Through the WeAreTheCityJobs and the distribution of relevant content, such as recruitment videos, staff interviews and articles, we are able to show case our clients gender initiatives such as Return to Work Programmes, alongside promoting them as an employer of choice for women. Using our multiple distribution channels (eg newsletters, job alerts and social media) we can promote our clients open roles alongside their content, which attracts both job seekers and the passive market.

Opportunities also exist for our clients to have their own dedicated microsite on WeAreTheCity ‘Company Insights’ to further encourage our members to find out more about our client’s organisations and to seek career opportunities.


Careers Club

Careers Club-dashboard- online learning and events for womenWeAreTheCity’s Careers Club is a subscription-based club that provides its members with online access to over 1,000 career orientated articles, webinars, e-books, videos, workbooks and training courses.  The club also entitles its members to free access to four London based learning/networking events per year, which are also filmed for the benefit of members who are unable to attend the event. 

Careers Club has individual members as well as corporate members who have chosen to support and recognise their women with access to the club. Careers Club members also have the opportunity to build their networks, engage with other club members and benefit from coaching calls. Corporate clients of Careers Club include RBS and the Ministry of Justice. Careers Club is also used by a number of our clients to support their maternity leavers, graduates and interns. Discounted membership packages are available for corporate bulk buys and a phone app to support learning on the go is due to be released in 2016

Careers Club events montage

Careers Club Events 2016

Rising Star Awards

Rising Stars -logo for corporate sponsorshipWeAreTheCity’s Rising Star Awards, launched in 2015, are the first awards to focus on the UK’s female talent pipeline below management. Through these awards we celebrate 100 individual female contributors that represent the leaders and role models of ‪tomorrow.

2016 Awards Highlights (as of May):

  • 850 Nominations received
  • 25 judges selected who have extensive experience and industry knowledge for all categories
  • #Watctop100, the awards hashtag trended on Twitter multiple times during the awards process
  • Our awards pages received over 5 million hits, 180,000 unique visitors in one week from approx. 110 countries 

  • We have received 15,000 public votes during week one for our shortlisted nominees 

  • A number of leading firms and sponsors showed their support by tweeting about their shortlisted nominees and the awards

  • The awards have been featured in a number of industry press articles
  • Several of our shortlisted individuals have been asked to speak on their local radio stations/featured in local newspapers 

Some of the 2015 Winners have:

  • Been promoted, offered extra responsibility, received internal mobility opportunities
  • Appeared in TV commercials
  • Interviewed for press articles
  • Nominated / received other prestigious awards
  • Featured on various social media channels
  • Raised their profile and visibility, internally and externally
  • Been invited to public speaking engagements

The awards open for nominations during February and run through to June each year. Sponsorship opportunities for these awards open on 01 September. There are 20 industry categories up for sponsorship including; Banking, EA/PA, Law, Sport & Technology, as well as our Rising Star champions category. Headline and category sponsor packages are available. Find out more about the awards and their success here.

Rising Star awards 2015-winners montage

Rising Stars 2015 – Winners event


We are tech - women in IT homepageWeAreTechnology, launched in 2015 is WeAreTheCity’s dedicated area for our community of female technologists. This dedicated microsite provides our WeAreTheCity technology members with access to news, tips and advice for women working in IT, in addition to profiles, features, guides and case studies on how technology is helping women to further their careers.

WeAreTechnology was launched to showcase women in the industry and to raise awareness of the gender divide and skills shortage that are still affecting the tech sector. Opportunities for corporates to engage with this community include featuring their roles on WeAreTheCity Jobs, advertising opportunities or sponsorship of our annual tech conference/events/awards.


Women in IT events - WeAreTechnology

Events images from Women 6.0 with Maggie Philbin and An Evening with Dr Sue Black


Show of hands at a WeAreTheCity Event

WeAreTheCity has extensive experience in curating and delivering high quality events for our clients, examples include; Women 6.0, Your Personal Brand, Dr Sue Black Book Promotion.

Our events provide organisations with the opportunity to showcase their company/brand/values to a bespoke demographic of women and also provide a way of attracting future female talent/build hiring relationships for the future. We have run over 85 events over the past seven years and our feedback from attendees and clients has always been exemplary.

WeAreTheCity are also due to launch two annual conferences starting in October 2016 (WeAreTechnology) and March 2017 (The Pipeline Academy). Sponsorship opportunities exist for both conferences, please contact us for more details.

WeAreTheCity - Events and conferences

Previous WeAreTheCity Events

Brand Awareness and Advertising

Inspirational profiles- corporate awareness

WeAreTheCity offers a number of advertising options for organisations to raise the visibility of their company’s brand. We provide this service via the sharing of topical content through our website, social media channels and our bi-monthly newsletters/bulletins.

Corporates are able to showcase their brand and values through product advertisements relevant to a female demographic. These include internal events that are open to the public, Return to Work programmes, awards press releases or through a series of profiles about their internal staff eg: HeForShe interviews, Inspirational Women or In Her Shoes profiles.

Other supporting organisations such as Business Schools and independent advertisers are also able to promote their services on WeAreTheCity. Please note we only advertise services/products that are relevant to working women.

Promotion of Returnships / Return to work programmes

return to work programs - returnshipsWeAreTheCity have promoted a number of Returnship programmes for organisations who are encouraging women to return to work after a period of absence.

WeAreTheCity’s dedicated Return to work microsite has the ability to promote both programmes and news to women for corporates who are looking to engage with women who are seeking to re-establish their careers and return to the workforce.

WeAreTheCity India

WeAreTheCity India (sponsored by EWeAreTheCity India - Corporate servicesY) was launched in 2014 due to support the emerging female talent in India. The aim of the site is to empower women by sharing information, inspirational stories and local events that are relevant to both female entrepreneurs and corporate workers. 

WeAreTheCity India also hosts two major events with unique themes that benefit our members as well as smaller targeted Knowledge Series events every year. Opportunities to engage with our community in India, which spans Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi include sponsorship of the WeAreTheCity India website, events and categories contained within our annual Rising Star programmes (launches August 2016).

WeAreTheCity past events

WeAreTheCity past events


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