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Election TV and Live Audiences

Wow, 10,122 of you have read this.

During the election, politicians have to engage with TV and live audiences: often at the same time! In our business lives we also have equivalents  of ‘split’ audiences: you might be speaking at a conference which is being filmed with large screens for members of the audience at the back of the room; your presentation might be recorded for other audiences etc.

In the latest Superstar Communicator Podcast, I share top tips to ensure you engage with your different audiences, but don’t look as though you are flirting with the TV camera.

Do listen to the podcast: here are the top tips>

  • Work out who your audiences are going to be – e.g. the live audience, TV audience, other panelists
  • Check everything technically: if you are being recorded, you need to ensure the sound and lighting is good
  • Speak to who has engaged with you – so for example if a member of the panel has asked a question, refer to them and address them
  • Be natural!

Whether you are holding conference calls via the internet or are speaking at a conference these are points to remember. And whilst we’re discussing Election TV and Live Audiences, it is good to be able to relate the audience experience to our own businesses.

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