Career Reboot 2018 | Yes, you CAN find work that fires you up! | Online event

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If you’ve been unhappy in your work in 2017, but are struggling to see how at midlife you can change your career so that your work is more meaningful and satisfying, then this meeting is for you.

A “career reboot” is when you as a professional re-orientate yourself to find work or a way of working that you’re more fired up about. A career reboot may also mean that you REINVENT your career and skill set so you’re more fulfilled in your work and can survive better in our rapidly changing world.

We’ll also be getting to grips with that “push me – pull you” that may be going on inside you, that has you longing to make changes but stuck in the starting blocks. You’ll discover how you can convert your weighty burden of doubts and fears into the thrilling feelings of taking control of your career and your life.

You may be in need of a career reboot if you feel:

  • Stuck and unfulfilled in your current field
  • Your work/life balance is grinding you down
  • You want to find a role where you can channel more of your creativity/personality/unused skills and unique talents so that you’re more fulfilled
  • Your role feels precarious and you want to have a plan B
  • You want to develop a plan to work in retirement

In this session you’ll hear about:

  • A process that can help you to understand yourself and your ‘career needs’ at a deeper level so that you can identify new options that are more authentically you and which will lead to more satisfying and meaningful work
  • How you CAN resolve your apparently conflicting desires e.g ‘new challenges’ vs ‘the comfort of what you know.’
  • How you can overcome past ‘conditioning’ from parents, family, colleagues, teachers and friends that traps you in a role or profession that’s not ‘you’; so you can move forward to work that you’re truly fired up about
  • How you can also break free of the limitations that you and recruiters might be placing on yourself. • How to get started… and how to keep the momentum going with creating your ‘career second act’
  • How to think about money so it doesn’t roadblock the process
  • What separates those who succeed and those who fail in their second act career
  • True stories of people who have successfully transitioned to a career “second act”


About Careers Reinventors 40+

Career Reinventors 40+ helps midlife professionals to find more meaningful satisfying and rewarding work.

Midlife professionals face external pressures from globalisation, organisation restructuring and increasing automation and artificial intelligence, this can leave professionals feeling overworked, unappreciated and insecure. In addition, just as psychologist Carl Jung identified; by the age of forty, many people question what they want from their lives and what they want from their careers. Everyone’s heard of the so-called ‘midlife crisis’. Jung attributed it to a ‘search for meaning’ and also a need to live a more ‘authentic’ life. This can lead to people wanting to develop and use talents that they may have previously neglected, and perhaps pursue a new career path.”

Midlife professionals need to discover personal strategies, and develop individual career reinvention plans – and that’s what Career Reinventors 40+ supports them to do.”

About Trudy Lloyd BA(hons), MBA, MCIM:

Trudy Lloyd is an award-winning professionally qualified career coach, business coach and facilitator.

With over 25 years’ experience in large and small organisations, consultancies and having started her own businesses, Trudy understands the world of work and the challenges it throws up for professionals. She helps people to stand back from the chaos of their busy working lives, and to uncover what they really want, how work fits into their world, and how they can succeed in all areas of their lives.

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