Women’s Wellbeing Conference

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30/01/2016 @ 09:00 – 31/01/2016 @ 17:30 Europe/London Timezone
Central Working
Mile End Rd
London E1 4UJ
£88 - £175
Women’s Wellbeing Conference

UK’s first Women’s Wellbeing Conference is taking place this January in East London.

The conference will include a host of international and national female speakers who will be sharing their experiences about how to unlock the hidden power of the mind. In particular speakers will focus on how a simple understanding of how the mind works, or ‘state of mind’, can impact key aspects of a woman’s life such as relationships issues, self-confidence, stress and worry.

In its simplest form, state of mind is about understanding how your mind works so that you can deal with your thoughts in the right way, rather than reacting or becoming a victim of them everyday. We live adult life believing that our day-to-day experiences at home and in the office are a product of the situations around us; there is nothing we can do about them.

The reality is that our experiences are based on the thoughts we create in our heads about the situations, and then, crucially, how we react to them. A simple understanding of how the mind works can ensure we deal with our thinking in a way that is useful to us.

It’s no coincidence that many people, including organisations from the likes of the US Army to Microsoft, are now investing time in unlocking the power of understanding state of mind.

Speakers will include:
  • Catherine Casey who is over from the US and has done a lot of work in jails and maximum security prisons and demonstrated how a simple understanding of the mind can go a long way to start dissolving hatred and violence.
  • Terry Rubenstein who is a Director of the not-for-profit organisation Innate Health which recently initiated an exciting new schools project called iheart (Innate Health education and resiliency training). Its aim is to provide education around mental wellbeing in the schooling system in order to provide both children and teachers with tools to thrive in academic and socially challenging and stressful situations.
  • Chana Rosenblatt who runs the New Thought Consultancy and works closely with the Innate Health Centre in London.

Find out more about the Woman’s Wellbeing Conference here.

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