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Finding a venue for your event can be a mountain to climb

Wow, 8,939 of you have read this.

So you want to organise an event, you have the idea, the ticket price and speakers/entertainment.  But sometimes you are restricted by the venues on offer.

Perhaps this was your scenario?

The venue you had in mind is fully booked and now you are back to the drawing board. GRRR!

Now you have to downscale the Aqua-Aerobics team display to 3 paddling pools and just one swimmer and your 20 foot high projection wall has to go too as no other venue has high enough ceilings or adequate power.  Disaster!

Perhaps move the event date to a date they can do? You were planning for the event to be after work and on a week day. You have the option for a Sunday morning.  Still no good.

Other venues are twice the price, so goodbye any budget for your aerial drone serving Canape idea.

With this all in mind you Google venues in and around your area. You then spend 15 minutes on each site trying to ascertain the price, availability and numerous phone calls. Still no venue, still no event!

20 hours later and you are no nearer the perfect venue, the perfect timing  and the perfect price.

Therefore you give up, lick your wounds and try again in a few months.  Very disappointing!

Or you could try Venuefinder.com, a great site to input your requirements and let them do the hard work for you?  Using their quick venue search on the home page, you can search by name, town, county, capacity and venue style. For example, if you are looking for venues in London, enter “London” into the town search box and click search. The search will return any matching venues in that area. Follow the links to view each venue.

Alternatively,if you can’t find what you are looking for, go to the Advanced Search in the main menu. You can search under various options, including Location, Conference & Meeting Facilities, Catering & Leisure Facilities, Bedrooms & Bedroom Facilities and Price, Chain/Group.  They cannot tell you however if your venue will be water proof for your Aqua-Aerobics team but they will give you as close a description as you can get!

We here at WATC have used Venue Finder when it was time critical and so it comes highly recommended!





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