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Women’s Network Groups

We all suffer from a lack of free time, so when someone invites you along to a women’s networking event like many women, your priorities probably lie with your existing work or family commitments.

However, if you are serious about progressing yourself and expanding your professional circle,  then you are going to need to invest a little time in networking.

We have detailed just a few of the Women’s Networking Groups that either hold specific events across the City or meet up at regular forums.  All of these Women Networks have something in common.  They all create environments and host events where professional women can meet other women to learn and share experiences.   As you would expect of WATC, all of these groups have been recommended by existing members, in fact we are members of most of them ourselves.  So why not take the plunge and join one one of these groups at their next event.  You just never know where the journey may take you!

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How to Network

We have compiled some essential advice for when networking in organised groups and wherever you may be. Click here to read more

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