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books for women
We love our books at WeAreTheCity.  Below are our recommendations of fab reads to enhance your career and aid your learning.  All of these books have been reviewed and are recommended by WeAreTheCity.  Click to buy through our links or search to purchase via Amazon.


How to be a women

1913 – Suffragette throws herself under the King’s horse. 1969 – Feminists storm Miss World. NOW – Caitlin Moran rewrites The Female Eunuch from a...
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The Reluctant Networker

Author: Neil Munz-Jones Description: Many working professionals are ‘Reluctant Networkers’. They do not like the thought of ‘cold calling’ friends of friends, joining networking clubs or going...
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Mothers Work

Author: Jessica Chivers Description:  While the seemingly perfect celebrities in glossy magazines may make juggling family life with a career look effortless, the reality is that...
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Why Women Dont Ask

Author: Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever Description:  Did you know that by neglecting to negotiate her starting salary for her first job, a woman may sacrifice...
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More balls than most

Author: Lara Morgan Description: An unorthodox, happily married business woman who has sold a company for £20 million, shares the sometimes outrageous highs and lows during the...
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Why women mean business

Author: Avivah Wittenberg-Cox & Alison Maitland Description:  Never before has there been such a confluence of international attention to the economic importance of women and the...
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