We are proud to feature a number of returnship programmes from companies who are looking to encourage female returners back in to the workforce.  Whether you are a maternity returner or someone who has taken a career break, there are now a myriad of options which will enable you to return to work.  These programmes include training, a chance to refresh skills and meet other women who are in a similar position.   You have nothing to lose by applying! 

See below for those firms who are currently running returnships.  If you see a returnship that is detailed as closed below, please note the date as a number of these programmes are run annually and will re open in 2017.

Planing to return to work?

Let us help you. We can provide you with tailored information relating to your sector and when you are planning on returning to work.


Accenture Break|Through

Accenture are pleased to announce the launch of their Break|Through, our new Technology programme. Break|Through is a new internship programme, designed to ensure that experienced...
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