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Who are your role models?

Wow, 7,944 of you have read this.
They hold the key to your success.

Role models act in a variety of ways.  they set an example, they give advice based on experience. Very often they had to pick themselves up and dust themselves down especially where the press is concerned, as it was for these three.   Best of all role models  don’t have to be female, though they usually are.  But what makes them especially pertinent to  you is that they embody and express the qualities which make you great.

Here’s Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield

My mother said be yourself.  If you try to be someone else you’ll always be second rate.   If you are yourself you are magnificent.   Mark Twain said   every other role  has been taken.

Be fearless and determined.  Last week the Lord Mayor of London abseiled down the outside of the LLoyd’s building. Not in high heels, it is worth noting.  Mature women have immense experience and don’t let age get in the way.

Nicola Horlick Be brave, push yourself forward.   Go for it. Be self confident.  If you are not, make sure you get a mentor, to support and train you. Learning and education are important.

Always be properly prepared for interviews, make sure you’ve  done your  research.

Photographer: CliveTotman

Be brave, talented, determined and committed, but always open to the opportunity. Fiona Woolf, get lucky and say yes.

Finally here is Professor Susan Greenfield’s’ role model.

Rita Levi-Montalcini. A Jew in Fascist Italy. An Italian, born in the early part of 20th century.  She qualified, but because she was Jewish was unable to practice.  She set up a laboratory in her own home, and eventually won the Nobel prize
Winning the Nobel, having the gall to set up in your own home.   To do so in a fascist country when you’re Jewish.  Later she was in the upper house in the senate in Italy.    She was so elegant, even into her 90s.   She’s my role model for obvious reasons.   Someone should make a bio pic, with Angelina Jolie.

This is for all WATC readers, not just entrepreneurs, but people involved in the journey of life, in or out of business, mum or wife or even husband. The person most important to believe in you, is yourself. You can do it. Just look at all your past achievements!  Build on them.

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