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SkillSoft launches Women in Action leadership program for businesses aiming to improve gender diversity

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Skillsoft has launched a Women in Action leadership program for organisations aiming to improve gender diversity.

Skillsoft provides cloud-based learning solutions such as courses, books and videos for talent management and development.

Speaking to WeAreTheCity Priti Shah, Vice President of Leadership Product Strategy and Corporate Development at Skillsoft said the learning program is aimed at organisations that are looking to improve gender diversity but want something other than event-based and classroom training to offer their workforce.SkillSoft launches Women in Action leadership program for businesses aiming to improve gender diversity

She explained: “As a woman leader I noticed no formal leadership programs for senior women and I’d heard this from our customers a lot too.

“When we asked ‘What are you doing for your women leaders?’ the response was very spotty. A few companies said they send some of their women leaders off to executive summits or events occasionally, but that was about it. That’s when a light bulb went off for us. Some companies were not making their leadership programs available to all. If you’re only targeting a small portion of women in organisation then you’re not doing enough.”

Shah added: “The program gives our customers a way to scale their budgets to reach a wider popular of women and to compliment other existing training programs. There are different templates for different competencies and it offers ways in which to apply those concepts.

“The program isn’t overwhelming and enables women to keep that work and life balance. Trying to keep a good work/life balance can mean it is hard to make time to self-improve and develop yourself. Completing the different competencies gives the woman the confidence to move forward in her career.”

The platform includes high impact videos, business book summaries and full text books targeted at emerging, mid- and senior-level leaders. Through monthly assignments, of about one hour, participants learn about negotiating, collaborating for impact, building work-life balance, taking risks, strategic thinking and sponsoring and mentoring. It is aimed at all levels of an organisation, whether participants are emerging leaders or hold positions in senior-level management.

The 52 week program was built in partnership with author of The Orange Line and professor of management at Suffolk University Jodi Detjen.

Detjen said: “The Women in Action program is valuable because you can take it wherever you are. Most people in business today are busy – they’re traveling, they’re in meetings, they’re working long hours.

“Skillsoft’s program implements a systematic approach to learning that mirrors developmental theory, in which women are able to complete learning assignments in digestible chunks. They can view a short video, ask some provocative questions, engage in topical discussions with co-workers, reinforce the newly acquired knowledge with exercises and continue that process over the course of the year.”

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